Drag Race on the Final Lap

When I last left off, we were down to the top 6. Tonight is the top 3 with the new winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race to be crowned. What’s happened in the meantime? Well, that’s what I’m here for.

Week 8. The Heathers mourned the loss of Delta while the “Boogers” try to figure out what they mean by Heathers. Manilla won the mini-challenge of designing a black bra. The contestants then move on to the main challenge of doing a patriotic ad. One of the best parts of it was the pit crew in low rise olive colored briefs. Dang those guys are hot, especially Shawn. Gotta love that furry chest and face fuzz. But back to the queens… Shangela’s PSA was just annoying with her off key singing, Carmen had a good look and a nice message but came off bland, Alexis had a fun and enjoyable one and came out onto the stage with an officer’s outfit of someone she cared for, Yara’s PSA was kind of all over and nowhere, Manilla’s was kind of crude and not so enjoyable, Raja was kind of emotionless in hers but came onto the stage in a Native American outfit. The bottom 2 were Carmen and Yara. Carmen is told to stay… and so is Yara? On to another week of the top 6.

Week 9. The top 6 return and play a game of musical chairs to RuPaul songs where they have to pick up the lyrics from where they left off. Manilla wins again. The main challenge is singing RuPaul’s “Superstar” but in different styles. Manilla gets disco, Raja does punk, Yara picks pop. Alexis takes on hip hop, Carmen selects reggae, and Shangela gets left with country. Most of the singing was far from exceptional. These queens need to stick with lip syncing. As has been the growing case, Carmen’s performance was extremely lackluster. Raja won and Carmen and Shangela were in the bottom 2. Shangela is safe and Carmen goes home.

Week 10. The episode starts off with the contestants making head pieces from a bunch of random beach type stuff which Raja won. They then move on to the main challenge of making 3 hair styles (a period piece, a modern look, and a fantasy look) using wigs from the “wig bar” which gets rolled in. While they are working on their wigs, RuPaul comes in and tosses in a twist. They need to make one outfit just out of wigs and a new rack of wigs are rolled in. YIKES! Some of the creations are… well…. “interesting”. Yara Sophia wins the challenge leaving Alexis and Shangela in the bottom 2. Thankfully, this time Shangela went home. Then came the real surprise. RuPaul gave a few of the judges the chance to bring one of the contestants that were sent home back into the competition. The decision will be announced in the next epsiode.

Week 11. The top 4 prepare to become the top 5 again. Most of my friends (and myself included) were afraid they were just going to bring back Shangela. The one most of us were hoping for was Delta Works though. It ended up being Carmen though. The mini challenge was a dunk tank with Carmen being the most popular target. Alexis won got and get the benefit in the main challenge. The challenge was to turn a group of jocks into their drag sisters and Alexis got to match people up. Some of the guys were definitely ill suited for drag and, of course, those went to the Heathers. (Rugby player Drew and Basketball player Chris were the cutest.) Manilla managed a win with one of the butchest of the guys and Raja and Carmen ended up in the bottom 2. The soft sore porn that the lip sync turned into turned on the guys who were watching from the lounge. Carmen went home, lasting just the one episode back.

Week 12. Finally down to the top 4, the queens start off the episode having to do a fake infomercial to sell something to RuPaul. Yara wins and gets a bonus of more play money which is to be used to make a dress. Yes, this is a dress made out of money, both paper and coin. On top of this, they need to make a swim suit and an “after 5′ cocktail outfit. The stress of this causes Alexis to almost leave the competition. She pulls herself together though and keeps going. Manilla wins the challenge and Alexis and Yara are left to lip sync for their lives. Yara loses in the middle of the lip sync and breaks down, forfeiting her position.

Week 13. With the top 3 of Alexis, Manilla, and Raja in place, the show takes a break to look back at the season so far. With guest appearances by Jujubee, Raven, and Tyra Sanchez, the styles of the season, the bickering, and the drama are reviewed.

Night, we go on to see where things go in the finale. Who will win? I like all 3 of them but given the style she’s shown this season, especially recently, I’m rooting for Manilla. Only time will tell though. Who are you rooting for?

Plus, it seems there’s a new season of Drag U coming up. I’ve seen one ad for it already. I wonder who will be the professors this season. I’m looking forward to finding out.

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