It’s time for Regionals again

** SPOILER ALERT ** If you haven’t watched the show yet, do so and stop back.

It’s been building up to this point for a while. We’ve seen Finn and Quinn get closer again since Finn broke up with Rachel. (I can’t blame him for reaching the end with Rachel but Quinn is just in for the Homecoming crown and such but doesn’t seem to care as much about Finn.) We’ve seen Kurt moon over Blaine only to find out Blaine was totally oblivious and is afraid to ruin their friendship. Brittany and Santana explore their relationship as lines are blurred and labels are rejected which drives a bit of a wedge between them as Santana becomes afraid of the sexuality she’s been all about so far. Sam is just getting played by the girls and Puck has a confusing infatuation with Lauren.

And now we have Regionals. We had more songs than we’ve heard in any other episode. There were 3 songs by the Warblers (1 with Blaine leading… Maroon 5’s “Misery”…wow!…, 1 with Kurt leading, and 1 duet with both of them), 1 overly religious song by Aural Intensity done to be a joke, and a whole ton by New Directions as they work through their original songs to get to the competition. There were some really fun songs as it got closer to the end. And big surprise, New Directions win. (And Sue punches out the announcer…) The best part of the show though was Blaine finally realizing he wanted Kurt and them having their first kiss. It’s great to have a good positive gay experience on the show. It should be interesting to see where things go from here.

Now we’re on the way to Nationals. Will we see more of Sunshine Corazon? Will Kurt go back to New Directions? And what about David Karofsky? He has an episode of his own coming up. This should be getting interesting.

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