The Justice Society’s Finest Hour(man)

The Justice Society has been slowly working it’s way into the media. In 2010, they made an appearance on Smallville. Animated versions appeared on Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow showed a very unusual mix of characters making up a Justice Society. Now, Stargirl is showing the more traditional mix of members along with a growing next generation of heroes. On the horizon, the Justice Society is getting their own animated movie and a handful of members will be appearing in the Black Adam movie. The animated movie and Stargirl are the start of a well deserved focus on the Justice Society. With them back in comics (even without their own title yet), we’re hopefully be seeing more of them. And it looks like the next thing we’ll be seeing about them is an Hourman movie according to a Warner Bros. announcement.

I like Hourman, but he seems like an odd character to get a solo movie, There’s also the question of which Hourman this will be. Rex Tyler was the original Hourman (created in 1940) and one of the original members of the Justice Society. He created the Miraclo pill that gave him his strength and that he became addicted to. Rick Tyler was introduced in Infinity Inc. in 1985 where he took over the name Hourman. Finally, we have the android Hourman from 853rd century that was introduced back in the JLA comic. Although the android was quite powerful, the original 2 only had increased strength and speed with Rick later getting limited precognition. Hopefully, they will deal with Rex because that will give them the whole drug addition to work with and maybe link in some of the original JSA in cameos. Rick is already appearing in Stargirl now so no need to work with that character in 2 different areas when there’s the other option.

Right now, not a lot has been announced. I’ll definitely be keeping my ears open for updates and watching for more news on this and other Justice Society projects.

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