Drag Race – 3 More Laps Down

It’s been a few weeks since I reported on the first episode. Since tonight’s the fifth one (not counting the audition episode), I thought I’d do a little write-up on things so far.

Week 2. The main challenge for the episode was a trailer for a fake movie and it’s sequel with half the drag queens in each. The “movies” were hokie even for this show. The “drag” portion of it was a bit questionable on some levels with one character being a male-balanced hermaphrodite and another being a space creature. It was cute in it’s own way but really didn’t show the best of the performer’s drag. The futuristic dress runway had some pretty bad outfits too. Mimi Imfurst’s outfir was just horrendous. She was lucky she was on the winning side of the challenge. At the end, it was down to Phoenix and Delta Works lip syncing for their lives. In the end, it was the over-confident Phoenix who went home. I really wasn’t sad to see her go and I was glad Delta stuck around.

Week 3. The initial challenge of making a leotard out of duct tape was pretty bad, but it was a lead in to the main challenge of a workout video. The workout videos were pretty cute. The appearance of Susan Powter was appropriate and interesting. Up for elimination were Mimi Imfurst and India Ferrah. Mimi tried to steal the spotlight during the lip sync, literally picking India up and tossing her over her shoulder. The was severely frowned upon by RuPaul and Mimi was gone. Mimi’s departure wasn’t mourned by me or (given the way people talked about her) most of the other drag queens in the contest.

Week 4. This week, the queens’ job was to put together a news report. First, to get the teams going, they had a contest to see who could do the most scanalous paparazzi pictures. After the teams were formed, then it was on to the news stage. At least from what was shown, most of the contestants didn’t do overly well. It would have been nice to see what the judges finally judged on. One thing that really hit me was the major mess that Raja looked like. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the opposing team had done up her look for this challenge. On the runway, Carmen does another “let’s show off as much of my body as I can in a skimpy, outfit that looks terrible” show which I am getting bored of. She can leave soon. In the end it was India Ferrah (again) and Stacy Layne Matthews who hit the bottom 2. I was sad to see her go despite the fact that she really didn’t do very well during the challenge. Out of drag, I think he was the best looking guy (see the pic to the right) and I think he could have done more. Maybe you just need to be more of a drama queen on there too though. Good luck in the future, India!

And now we get ready for week 5. From the previews, it looks like it’s another game of Snatch Game. (Match Game with the queens done up as various stars) I’m just hoping the impersonations end up better than they looked in the previews. Last season’s version was fun. I hope this one is too. Only time will tell though…

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