Constantine Holds Out After a Short First Season

It has been announced that NBC is not ordering any episodes of Constantine after the original 13. While most people (for obvious reasons) took this to mean the show had been cancelled, that is not 100% true. Like a couple shows whose plug was totally pulled, Constantine is sort of in limbo right now. No more episodes have been ordered but it’s not officially cancelled. This means that it may still be picked up for a second season. This has happened to shows before where things picked up as the season went on, enough to display that a second season was worth it.

Unlike a lot of shows, Constantine got a late start. It didn’t premiere until late October so only had 3 episodes aired by the time the decision was made where a lot of new shows were up to 7 weeks in and had more of a time to build up. With ratings continuing to increase on the show, we can have hope. Even a tweet by Daniel Cerone who is the executive producer on Constantine says that the show is stopped for the season but definitely not dead.

The show has a lot going for it. Matt Ryan makes for a very strong John Constantine. He has the look and attitude right for the character. While being a comic book based show, it has a whole different twist than stuff like Arrow, Flash, and Gotham which is a nice draw. We’ve seen Dr. Fate’s helmet. We’ve seen the introduction of Jim Corrigan whom most people know as the Spectre as well as a major hint that they are moving him there. (Zed’s premonition of him looking dead and in a glowing green light was a nice foreshadow.) I’m still not sure what to make of Chas. Looking online, there doesn’t appear to be anything for the basis of his ability to survive all that he has. Does he have healing powers akin to Wolverine? Is he just unable to die like Doctor Who’s Jack Harkness? We need to keep the show going so we can find out. I’m sure there are a lot of other mystical characters that would be fun to see too like Zatanna and Madame Xanadu.

If you want to see Contantine continue, make sure to post with the hash tag below. Also, go sign the petition to save Constantine.


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