And the winner is…


I thought I’d toss that in there for those who may not have caught last night’s episode yet. Watching the video production was interesting. It was mostly that and one runway walk with no restrictions. The first to get cut was Alexis. (She performed in the area not long ago so I sorta knew it wasn’t going to be her.) Raja and Manilla lip synced for their lives. In the end, Raja won the crown. I called this way back in the beginning. The other judges liked Raja but definitely preferred Manilla given the comments that came out. Manilla also did a far better job during the video (Raja kept screwing up.) and during the lip sync. But, as we’ve seen in past seasons, it’s RuPaul’s favorite and not necessarily the best performer who wins. This show is even worse than American Idol. Well, I guess I’ll wait now for Drag U this summer. Among the “professors” for the season (as revealed last night and taken from my memory of the quick ad) are Ongina, Shanelle, Jujubee, Raven, Pandora Boxx, Morgan McMichaels, Carmen Carrera, Mariah, and first season winner Bebe. It should be an interesting mix.

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