Weekly Comic Review for 2/16/11

A shorter list means I got through them quicker and am getting this posted a lot faster. Let’s take a look at what this week brought me. If you don’t like spoilers, just jump to the end for my Top 3 of the week.

Avengers Academy #9 – It’s the fallout of the student’s attack on the Hood last weekend as they teachers each take their sides. During the break while punishment is decided, Finesse goes off in search of Taskmaster whom she believes to be her father. I’ve always liked Taskmaster despite him being a bad guy and you get a little extra depth on him in this issue too. One of the better issues so far.

Brightest Day #20 – “Aqua War” concludes in this issue as we see Aquaman fight after losing his hand yet again. Mera shows up with Aquagirl and the foursome kick some butt only to have Deadman show up and take out Aquaman just as he did Hawkman and Hawkgirl. I hope they don’t leave these characters wiped out and keep characters like Captain Boomerangm Professor Zoom, and Maxwell Lord around after the revive. I liked Boomerang’s son and Zoom much better than the earlier incarnations.

Charmed #6 – I loved the TV show and the comic is pretty good so far. This issue follows up on the episode “Morality Bites” from season 2 of the TV series. Phoebe is worried about how she was shown killing baseball player Cal Greene. This time, Pru isn’t around and Paige is so they wait to see how things have changed in this timeline. Is Cal Greene still a killer or not? Pick up this issue and find out. I really love that the comic is keeping up with the continuity and history of the show.

Green Lantern #62 – It’s the Lanterns of each of the colors vs. Krona and it doesn’t go too well. Hal’s former JLA teammates try to show him what they think is best but the Lanterns stand by each other. Nothing too big in this issue but things are building up and who knows what will happen next.

Green Lantern Corps #57 – The battle finally ends in Qward with a guest appearance by Firestorm. (Yeah, he doesn’t seem to fit in too well. I guess he was just extra fire power. And couldn’t Firestorm just turn all the Sinestro Corps rings to water or something anyway?) After a twist that ends the battle, Firestorm goes off in search of Deathstorm, the Sinestro Corps goes off their way, and the GL Corps winds down before the next big storyline happens.

Hawkeye: Blind Spot #1 (of 4) – I’ve always been a big fan of Hawkeye so I had to check this out. Hawkeye is off his game. It ends up the head blow he took is affecting his sight. The story progresses amidst flashbacks of Hawkeye’s history. (If I had a diime for every time they’ve gone back over all his history… Overall, it’s a good book and should be interesting to check out. It’s only 4 issues after all.

Justice League of America #54 – “The Rise of Eclipso” Eclipso returns. Like Hawkeye’s book above, this book is filled with major flashbacks. Most of the comic is about the history of Eclipso over time. It’s a nice catch-up for those not familiar with the character. The last bit of the issue involves Eclipso going after a number of shadow/darkness based characters. (There were a few I’ve never seen before who could have been created for the story.) It should be interesting to see where this is all going.

Legion of Super-Heroes #10 – Chameleon Boy confronts the Durlan who helped his father raise him regarding the assassinations. Dawnstar returns to duty and Cosmic Boy works on convincing Mon-El to take over his new duty as Legion leader. In the meantime, Brainiac 5 takes charge as the Legion’s second in command. Part of the fun of this comic is the slight humor, especially when it comes to Brainiac 5.

My top 3 choices this week are: Charmed, Hawkeye: Blind Spot, Justice League of America

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