RuPaul’s Drag Race – Down to the Top 6

Three more weeks have past and three more drag queens are gone

Week 5. This week they did a repeat of a challenge from last year, Snatch Game. Each of the queens dressed up to do celebrity impersonations in the game show. The “stars” consisted of Cher, Imeda Marcos, Tyra Banks, Monique, Tina Turner, Joan Crawford, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse. But first came mni-challenge, RuPaul’s version of Hangman. Delta Works won the prize of a call home, but felt bad for Shangela and gave it to her. Then it was on to the game show. Most of the performances were pretty bad. The only ones that really impressed the judges were Monique and Alicia Keys. Stacy won the challenge with her Monique impression and Mariah and Delta end up in bottom 2 with Mariah going home.

Week 6. The mini-challenge was quite a different one this week. Each of the drag queens came out as males to do tasteful nudes. In the end, it was probably no surprise Carmen won the challenge based on nudity. The main challenge was based on making a couture outfit based on one of a number of cakes that were passed out by Carmen. As usual, while everyone was working to prepare their stuff, Shangela was failing and had people helping her and almost making the dress for her. She doesn’t have the talent to be there on her own and should have been gone by then. In then end though, it was Stacy and Alexis Mateo who ended up in the bottom 2. Although Alexis looked like she was wearing a bed spread, Stacy was the one cut.

Week 7. After a mini-challenge of reading each other (most of which were lame with mostly only basic fat jokes directed at Delta), Shangela won the opportunity to set the line-up for the week’s challenge, a comedy show. This seemed to be a challenge tailored right to Shangela given she’d already hosted a comedy show that appeared on Logo which seems unfair. With a line-up that Shangela set to try to destroy the “Heathers”, the show went on. Most did pretty well but a couple faltered. In the end, it was Delta and Manila ended up in the bottom 2 though the Unplugged episode showed Delta was ready to just leave on her own. Delta ended up sashaying away and Shangela stood there smiling smugly. I was really sad to see Delta leave.

Shangela is really getting on my nerves. As some of the other queens have mentioned, she can’t make her own outfits or do her own make-up or much of anything else. She seemed to quickly forget the good deed that Delta did giving her the opportunity to call her grandmother when she was standing there grinning at Delta’s loss. Heck, she already lost last season so I’m not sure why she’s even there unless she’s the ringer for the season. I didn’t see season 1 but in season 2, it seemed that Tyra was on the track to win from early on. At first I felt Raja had that spot but more and more it seems that Shangela was brought back to win. I really hope this isn’t true because as much as I couldn’t stand Tyra, I can’t stand the talentless, two-faced, and over all annoying Shangela even more.

Talking with some of my friends, we’ve all agreed that the personalities that were strong and fun to watch in season 2 just aren’t there this season. The queens that are left are Alexis Mateo, Carmen Carrera, Manila Luzon, Raja, Shangela Laquifa Wadley, and Yara Sofia. If I had to pick a top 3 to see in the final episode, it would be Raja, Alexis, and Carmen. None of them really compare to Raven an Jujubee though. I really hope the last few weeks pick up or it’s going to be a step down from last season.

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