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In the Meantime…. Bears

OK. I finally got my computer up and running yesterday which means new posts are coming soon. (That is, if my computer doesn’t decide to hate me more.) In the meantime, a break for a fun video from...

John Barrowman Gets Married 0

John Barrowman Gets Married

Our beloved hero Captain Jack is now married. It didn’t even take a time machine to do it. Following the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA and Proposition 8 on June 26, 2013, gay marriage was allowed in California...

Bear or Bare? 0

Bear or Bare?

While eating lunch, I decided to catch up on some DVRed TV shows. The one I picked to watch was “What!? The Long and Short of Body Hair.” This was the most recent in the line of Logo’s...

Happy Phoenix Pride 0

Happy Phoenix Pride

Today is the Pride Parade in Phoenix.  I hope everyone here gets out and celebrates.  If you see me out and around, say hi.

Why Do We Need Gay Guilds? 0

Why Do We Need Gay Guilds?

After years of waiting, Guild Wars 2 will finally be released next week Tuesday. For those who pre-ordered it, there’s early access starting Saturday. There has already been threads debating he need for gay or gay friendly guilds....

Happy Pride 0

Happy Pride

Happy Pride to all of those celebrating it this weekend. For those wondering, Phoenix celebrates early since it gets WAY too warm in June when everone else has their parades. It’s supposed to get up around 100° today...

Bear This Shirt in Mind 0

Bear This Shirt in Mind

I’m not normally one to root much for a Woot shirt but I saw this one in the Derby and had to post about it. The Derby this week is about breakfast and it takes the term bear...

It Gets Better 0

It Gets Better

Despite all the positive strides in acceptance of gay people, there are still those who have trouble coming out or finding acceptance once they do. I can understand this. I came out to the first person ever around...

Zachary Quinto Comes Out 0

Zachary Quinto Comes Out

OK. It seems I’m a little behind in the news. I just saw today that Zachary Quinto recently came out. Zachary is best know for his roles as Sylar on Heroes and Spock in the recent Star Trek...