Weekly Comic Review for 8/29/12

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day. Time for a another week of reviews. I’m going to be out of town this week so I won’t even get this week’s books until next week so there will be a bit of a wait on those reviews.

Green Hornet #27 – The battle with the fake Green Hornet finally comes to an end as Moonbeam (without that horrid costume) comes to save the day. A confrontation with Mayor Palmer bring the true Green Hornet back on track.

Green Lantern Annual #1 – This annual is the prelude for “The Rise of the Third Army.” The battle continues between Black Hand and Sinestro and Hal. The Guardians decide to come to the rescue but they help out Black Hand who (apparently) kills the two Green Lanterns. We also get to see a group of formerly unknown Guardians who are guarding the first Green Lantern who gets kidnapped to kick start the Guardian’s third army. We still don’t know who the first Green Lantern is or why he’s so powerful. Plus, with Hal and Sinestro gone, there are 2 interlocked rings looking for a new hero and a new star for the title.

Justice League #12 – The League fights through Graves’ spirits and saves Steve Trevor. Given all the bad press the League is getting, Green Lantern leaves the team to give them a scapegoat. Superman and Wonder Woman share a kiss. We get a “Coming in the next year” page which shows Captain Marvel who doesn’t have his usual backup story this issue. There’s also a lead in for the new Justice League of America comic coming in 2013 with Steve Trevor, Martian Manhunter Green Arrow, Hawkman, the new Green Lantern, Catwoman, Katana, Stargirl (I guess she isn’t on Earth 2.), and some other guy who I don’t recognize.

National Comics: Looker #1 – I remember Looker from the old Outsiders comics. She was a psychic her who became a vampire later on. In this issue, she’s just a model who becomes a vampire and now owns her own model company. She is a much less interesting character in this book. It’s just another vampire character now.

X-O Manowar #4 – Since I’m checking out the other 3 titles, I decided to give this title another chance since they will be re-introducing Ninjak in the next issue. Aric is now in the 21st century with the Manowar armor and is totally lost. Somehow, he gets a data dump of history to show him where he really is. Meanwhile, some of the aliens who captured Aric but are in human form gather to try to capture him and get the armor back.

X-Treme X-Men – Dazzler and crew manage to hold their own for a while against the team from the alternate reality who seem to be more godlike versions of the people they are used to. Eventually, they go down and end up in a Roman coliseum style with their powers suppressed by Emma. With the help of that world’s Xavier and Magneto, most of the team escapes. Just the 2 telepaths are left behind.

This week is sort of middle of the road. Nothing bad but not too many great ones. The Green Lantern Annual is the best of the week. Beyond that, Green Hornet and X-Treme X-Men aren’t too bad. One other interesting point of note is the back cover of X-O Manowar which advertises Shadowman coming in November. They seem to be bringing back a lot of the old characters quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing that their big plan is.

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