Weekly Comic Review for 3/14/12

Yes, it’s the “Pi Day” review.

Avengers Assemble #1 – Yes, it’s yet another Avengers title. The cover shows some of the big names (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and (one of my favorites) Hawkeye. All of them except for Cap get in on the action in the issue except for Cap though other Avengers are shown at a big press conference. The thing that really drew me to the title though is actually the bad guys. It’s the return of the Zodiac even though it’s a new group. These bad guys have powers though it’s been unclear how they got them. So far we’ve seen Aquarius (who turns into water) and Taurus (who has become a minotaur who can toss Thor around) so it’s no minor abilities. I can’t wait to see what goes on with everyone else. One thing that was odd was the scarring on Scorpio’s face which kept his left eye closed. That’s got to have some story behind it. I will probably check this book out at least through this storyline.

Demon Knights #7 – The war finally ends. The knights are at the losing end when the cavalry shows up. With Vandal Savage back among their ranks, where will this leave our ragtag team of characters? It should be interesting to see what they have planned next following the big fight that brought them together. There are still characters that need more growth.

Green Lantern #7 – Sinestro keeps pulling Hal’s strings as he tries to get him to help stop the Guardians from destroying the corps. They get a visit from the indigo tribe, including Black Hand. Meanwhile, the Guardians interrogate Lyssa Drak to find the first lantern. Sinestro is actually getting on my nerves.

Legion Lost #7 – Timber Wolf takes down some bad guys to get some money while Tellus interacts on the psychic plane with a girl who reveals that he has some sort of secret. Also, it appears that Yera is having problems with shape changing since she was pulled back together.

Resurrection Man #7 – Mitch takes down a bad guy who is using the force field technology that he was shown using earlier in the series. All this mystery of who he is is getting a bit annoying since it seems to be coming out of nowhere. Plus, the big “angels are chasing him” story was just sort of dropped.

Scarlet Spider #3 – Kaine continues to help take care of the young girl he saved and the doctor from the hospital is helping out. I’s revealed that the doctor is gay as well, which is cool. On the not so cool side, he’s also being hunted by the Assassin’s Guild who now know where Kaine is. This could get messy.

Shade #6 (of 12) – After getting the blood sample he needed, the Shade continues to help La Sangre take down the Inquisitor. We’re also introduced to a new hero, Montpellier. I like the Shade but the current art isn’t that great and all these new characters just getting tossed for no reason into a story that’s going all over the place is getting frustrating. I can’t even keep track of what’s going on any more.

Overall, it’s not a bad week but the books could definitely be better. Avengers Assemble is a good book worth checking out .Scarlet Spider is still going strong and the introduction of a gay supporting character is a plus in my book. Of the rest, I’d probably choose Demon Knights to round out the top 3. Let’s hope for a stronger showing this week.

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