Weekly Comic Review for 1/25/12

This has been a crazy week. Finally getting a few minutes to get this review done.

Alpha Flight #8 of 8 – Alpha Strike’s attack on Alpha Flight adds in the Master and the whole situation comes to an end. Alpha Flight wins, Unity comes to an end, Aurora pulls herself together, and Heather runs off with her daughter. I was really hoping this would lead to an Alpha Flight series but it looks like this is not to be. I guess 8 issues is better than nothing though and it was an interesting story.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #5 – The 6 lanterns investigate the structure as Bleez heads back to the other Red Lanterns. (This leads into Bleez getting her intelligence back as shown in the Red Lanterns comic so that should keep things to parallel in the future of this comic.) The lanterns pair up and check things out. One team finds Tamaran and another finds Okaara. The other finds that Larfleeze is more connected to this than formerly known and it’s not in a good way.

Justice League #5 – The team of DC’s past (yes, it’s still the past. Will it ever catch up??) faces off against Darkseid and his omega beams. The team’s chemistry expands as there are more interactions between Green Lantern and Batman. Batman reveals he’s Bruce Wayne and Hal has no idea who that even is in this world. On top of it all, Cyborg joins the group.

Justice League Dark #5 – The group pulls together to fight the Enchantress and she gets pulled together into one being again. (Not sure why Madam Xanadu fought to separate her and then pulled her back together.) Then the team tells Xanadu off and walks away. This book is still so disjointed.

Legion Secret Origin #4 – Colossal Boy, Invisible Kid, and Chameleon Boy all join the team as the attacks on Brande continue. Phantom Girl tries to convince Braniac 5 to join the team. And it’s decided that this is a job for Superman meaning we should see Suberboy next issue.

Savage Hawkman #5 – Given the end of the last issue, I decided I needed to check out what was going on in this one. I’m not sure why Carter is seeing undead, but we do get an appearance by the Gentleman Ghost as he makes his first appearance in the New 52 universe.

Teen Titans #5 – It’s the Titans vs. Superboy. The team can’t beat him in battle but they get into his head and show him that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is not where he should be. Things should be getting interesting here but we really need a different look for Bunker. He’s gay so he should have much better fashion sense than this.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad week. Alpha Flight and Teen Titans hit the top of the list and I think I’ll round it out with Green Lantern: New Guardians.

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