Weekly Comic Review – 3/30/11

Another week down and despite not feeling well, I’m here working on getting this posted for you guys. Here’s what’s I have to offer on last week’s books.

Age of X Universe #1 – Welcome to the Avengers of the Age of X. Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman, and Ghost Rider. Not quite the usual line-up. Though any line-up is interesting given that supposedly nothing exists outside the force wall where the mutants are. Continuity anyone? I’d expect no less (or more) from Marvel. It’s interesting watching this dysfunctional team try to function.

Green Arrow #10 – The battle against Etrigan continues (and sadly will continue into another issue… Please let this end soon.) The secret of Galahad starts to become revealed even more as the finally realizes who he really is. Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight join in the battle against the Demon and his creations.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors – War of the Green Lanterns part 3 – The story continues with Parallax’s effect hitting Guy and his team. Guy and Kilowog fight off the effects only to have Kilowog sacrifice his freedom against the Corps to allow Guy to escape to meet up with Hal. As expected, the endd up fighting until they end up ringless. Now to see where a group of ringless Green Lanterns go from here.

Justice Society of America #49 – The bad guys are finally taken down as Alan Scott returns in his new (and horrid looking) lantern suit. Who the new characters (including a red, female Blue Beetle) that were brought in for the battle are. It’s kinda messy to toss a bunch of brand new characters into the mix and not explain anything about who they are. No one even addressed this fact. We get back to Jay being offered the mayorship as we head into the 50th issue next month.

Secret Avengers #11 – This issue is part 1 of 2 looking into what happened to John Steele. Beast uses a machine to jump back into the memories of John Steele and Steve Rogers back during World War II. Nothing much is revealed so far other than that John had his powers even before Steve Rogers got his.

Teen Titans #93 – The Titans fly off to Pakistan to meet up with Wonder Girl’s mother when she calls asking help for finding the missing parents of Solstice. The team tracks down a demon (who even unnerves Raven) who ends up kidnapping Cassie and her mother as well. Now to see how the Titans track them down and save them next issue.

True Blood: Tainted Love #2 – Jessica going on a rampage fueled by the tainted Tru Blood. The VLF (“Vampire Liberation Front”… yeah, it’s that cheesy!) take credit for the vampires going crazy. Who does Sookie think to turn to now? Eric, of course, but he has his own hands full.

Zatanna #11 – Zatanna turns the tables on Oscar with a little help from Mikey. Of course, we get our fan favorite Zatanna back. Of course, the life saving blessing on Mikey is written off by Z with a “No point going into the whys and wherefores now” comment. Why bother explaining why an out of place but important plot point would be there? Zatanna runs into the now free Brother Night while in for her therapy session. That battle shouldn’t be too far off.

All in all, not a bad week but nothing too outstanding either. Most are continuations of events from before. Even the Secret Avengers’ new arc is a carry over from the last one. But there has to be a Top 3. This week they are Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, True Blood: Tainted Love, and Zatanna. Part of me wants to include Green Arrow, which is quite good, but this Etrigan battle is getting past old by now.

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