San Diego Comic Con Registration

I got up today and went to register for my Comic Con tickets. After clicking the registration button, the first thing I was greeted with was a page saying “We are currently over capacity.” This was also the second page I got as well as the third, fourth, etc. Eventually I got through and was all excited to get my passes since I my orders errored out both times back in November. What I was greeted with was notification that there were not enough 4 day badges, which I guess is their way of saying that they were sold out. 🙁 I’m severely disappointed by this. Looks like I won’t be making it to Con this year unless I pay extra to buy each day separately.

Update:: Just for the heck of it, I decided to take a look again and was surprised to find a quantity pulldown next to the 4 day passes so I quickly hit in for 1 and clicked to go to checkout. I was again greeted by the over capacty sign. I kept resending until I got a response. It ended up taking me back to the ticket selection page with a red bar below saying “We are processing other orders. Click “Proceed to Checkout” again.” I was still set at 1 ticket so I did this and went through the cycle of “over capacity” pages again. and got the same page a second time. Did the check out and the same cycle and this time when I got to the order page, 4 day tickets are listed as “Not enough tickets remain” again. I have to say that this entire process going back to November has really disillusioned me with San Diego Comic Con. It was a great time when I went a few years back, but if I have to fight and wait through this much of a mess just to order tickets and then 3 months later find out I can’t get tickets (or can I? The way things are going with this TicketLeap site, I don’t even know any more!), I’m about ready to give up on them and consider supporting a different venue. The whole process has left a bad taste in my mouth.

I should note that Saturday only tickets are showing as sold out already too.

Update 2: Checking back for the heck of it, it listed the 4 day passes yet again. I try to register and after another cycle of “over capacity” and having to reload about 8 times, the red box at the bottom gives me “Checkout failed: Not enough tickets remaining for the ticket type” while the order form still lists the 4 day tickets. This is becoming a sad joke. I’m thinking of contacting SDCC and letting them know my disappointment in the whole process.

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