Countdown to Phoenix ComiCon

It’s just about that time again. 7 more week from tonight will be the start of Phoenix ComiCon. I’ve been working on getting a Gays in Comics panel since I’ve had people contact me who were interested in seeing something on that. I’m still waiting to hear details on if it will happen or when. It should be a great time though can I can’t wait for it to get here. I’ve already got the time off confirmed for it all. I even found one of the most difficult things needed to be able to do the cosplay I want to do — a jacket in a close enough style to play Jack Knight, the best Starman! Now I have to find the goggles and sheriff star and build myself a star staff. Hopefully this will come out as well as planned. Hopefully lots of you locals (and some non-locals) can make it. Come up and say hi if you see me.

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