Happy National Coming Out Day

I’d like to wish a Happy National Coming Out Day to all my gay readers. This is the 25th anniversary of the first National Coming Out Day. I’ve personally been out for a little over 20 years myself. I grew up in a very conservative family, but I was lucky enough to have both good and open friends from college that allowed me to accept myself as I truly am. (In the early 90s, there were no gay TV shows or positive gay role models on TV.) Over the years, I got to make good connections in the gay community of Buffalo, NY and help to create Gay Buffalo Online, the gay resource site which I co-administered for a number of years. I love being able to be there for other people who are coming to terms with their sexuality if they need help since I didn’t have many people to turn to when I first came out to myself. It’s good to have support and acceptance when dealing with something like coming out. Despite it being accepted more nowadays, there are some people who still believe that since they don’t like it, it is wrong. If you have friends or family who are gay, make sure to take the time today especially to let them know they are supported and loved. If you are gay and have the freedom to do so, let people around you know who you really are so they can put a face on the gay rights challenges that are still going on. Enjoy the day and the steps we have made in being treated equally in society today.

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