That’s a Superstar?

I recently saw the video from Raja, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3. It’s called “Diamond Crowned Queen”. Talk about a diamond in the rough. IMHO, the only reason to watch it is for the handsome bearded guy in it. Raja spends about as much time out of drag as in drag in it and I was surprised to realize that that was Raven in the video too. I guess I was just too distracted by how bad the video and the song were. RuPaul definitely does not have to worry about Raja taking her place as a real drag superstar. Can we start season 4 now and get Raja replaced ASAP? Hell, I’d even let Tyra take the crown back after seeing that video. It’s so bad that I’m refusing to even link it. I won’t subject anyone else to the horror.

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