They Own the Night

Growing up, I really never listened to much country music. I never got into the whole “my truck died and my dog died and my wife left me” thing that most people associated with country music. As with any style of musc, a lot changed over the years. I caught a performance of Tim McGraw singing “Angel Boy” on TV one time, checked out some of his stuff and found I actually enjoyed it. That was it for country for a while until I moved down here to Arizona. While hanging out with friends, they played me a video on YouTube of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”. I was immediately hooked. I picked up their album and listened to it all the time. Since then, I’ve picked up other stuff including American Idol alumni Danni Gokey’s album.

Well, last month, Lady Antebellum came out with their third album, Own the Night. I picked it up and am quite enjoying it. I’ll admit that that the album Need You Now is the better one, but I’m still enjoying this one. The song the albums is named off of, “We Owned the Night” is good as is “Friday Night”. The real hit of the album is “Just a Kiss” though. It’s a sweet song and they’ve done a great job with the video, telling a nice story with appearances of the band scattered throughout in just a nice mix. I’d suggest people check this album out. It’s definitely worth a listen. I’m hoping to get to go see them in concert when they ae in the area again. Here’s the video for “Just a Kiss” so you can check it out.

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