Weekly Comic Review for 12/2/15

OK. Finally caught up to this month at least. All-New Inhumans #1 – Yes, I’ve been annoyed at the “everything is about Inhumans” thing at Marvel lately which is probably just to try to hype things up for...


Weekly Comic Review for 11/25/15

This week was a light week. Archie #4 – The reboot of Archie continues with the story of how Archie and Betty broke up. They got together because they were so much alike and had so much in...


Weekly Comic Review for 11/18/15

Christmas is over and I’m starting to recover from being sick. (Definitely not what I asked Santa for!) Time to start on more review catch-up. Black Knight #1 – I’ve always liked the Black Knight. I Was excited...


All I want for Christmas

I saw this video and with the holidays coming up, it was great to see something like this targeted for a gay audience. I would love something like this for Christmas myself. Enjoy.


Weekly Comic Review for 11/11/15

All-New All-Different Avengers #1 – You know they are running out of names when they have to add a double adjective before the team name making this awkward of a title. On top of that, we have the...


Weekly Comic Review for 11/4/15

OK. Time to start catching up. Bat-Mite #6 of 6 – Yes, it’s the big finale of the mess that Bat-Mite is making of things. He’s really going overboard by this point. He changed Mount Rushmore to look...


In the Meantime…. Bears

OK. I finally got my computer up and running yesterday which means new posts are coming soon. (That is, if my computer doesn’t decide to hate me more.) In the meantime, a break for a fun video from...


Busy Weekend at Fan Fest

Well, I was at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest from Friday through Sunday. It was a fun time. Between that and trying to get my new computer working (It still isn’t.), I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll be working on...

Weekly Comic Review for 10/28/15 0

Weekly Comic Review for 10/28/15

We’ve got a short stack of books this week. Flash #45 – Wally comes up with a plan to break through the dome. Flash gets everyone through but the police station blows up and the captain goes on...

Weekly Comic Review for 10/21/15 0

Weekly Comic Review for 10/21/15

OK. I spent yesterday evening picking up stuff I needed on Cyber Monday instead of writing. But it’s for my new computer so I had a reason. But now I’m on to the writing… Astonishing Ant-Man #1 –...