Kurt Back in New Directions

In last night’s episode of Glee, gay character Kurt (played by out actor Chris Colfer) returns to New Directions. But there were some interesting steps to this return. After catching David Karofsky eying Sam’s ass (You’d think he’d already seen a lot more in the showers by now. 😉 ), Santana blackmails him into dating her to be each other’s beards (“We play on the same team.”) and turn over a new leaf so Kurt will come back. Supposedly, Karofsky was to be a focus of “Born This Way” but he seemed more of a side note, falling to the side of Santana in the story as well as the other two story lines — the competition for prom king/queen and the topic of personal acceptance in New Directions. This was disappointing as there was all this talk of an episode dedicated to him dealing with his homosexuality yet in an episode 50% longer than usual, it’s only used as a brief mention to forward a different storyline and he’s no closer to any resolution. I was severely disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the episode but after everything that’s been mentioned about it, this part fizzled.

So, as I was saying, Kurt’s back in New Directions. But he couldn’t leave the Warblers without them saying good bye in song. Can someone explain to me why there was a piano sitting outside in the quad at the school and all the other kids happened to have their instruments? And given that it was noon at that moment, didn’t the Warblers all have classes? Suspending all levels of logic in this scene, I hope they don’t lessen the appearances of Blaine because Kurt is not at Dalton any more.

I mentioned the “personal acceptance” storyline. While preachy, it did have a cute ending as the kids sang Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Each of the kids wore a white t-shirt with something printed on it stating what they are most ashamed of and that they would like to change but can’t. Some of them were really funny. Brittany’s shirt is the first revealed saying “I’m With Stoopid” and an arrow pointing up. (This is a great counterpoint to the shirt Puck is later shown in saying “I’m With Stupid” and an arrow pointing down at his crotch.) Santana (who ends up not performing with the group) had a shirt saying “Bitch” tho this is something she revels in, not that she is ashamed of. Brittany says that she has a better shirt for her and opens up a shirt saying “Lebanese.” Santana’s responds that she is Hispanic and then realizes it’s supposed to say “Lesbian.” (Santana is later wearing the “Lebanese” shirt anyway.) Among the other shirts are Kurt’s “Likes Boys”, Rachel’s “Nose”, Tina’s “Brown Eyes”, Mercedes’ “No Weave” (LAME!), Mike Chang’s “Can’t Sing”, Finn’s “Can’t Dance”, Sam’s “Trouty Mouth”, Artie’s “Four Eyes”, Quinn’s “Lucy Caboosey” (a reference to a revelation in the episode), and Lauren’s “Bad Attitude”. Mr Shuester’s wore a “Butt Chin” shirt and despite Emma’s early “Ginger” shirt, she ends up wearing an “OCD” shirt at the end. It’s a great end to the episode.

I really want to see them do more with Karofsky though. There’s only a few episodes left for the season so we’ll see what happens. We may have to wait til next season at this rate.

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