Glee Is Back

After the usual holiday/mid-season break, Glee has returned. Of all places for the new episode to pop-up was after the Super Bowl. I really wonder what percentage of people watched both shows. Sadly, the timing after the Super Bowl threw off my DVR so I had to wait for it to hit Hulu so I could catch the end of the show. One thing I was really looking forward to in the new episode was the performance of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”. Puck and Rachel did a great job with it. It was interesting to see more of the football team in this episode and see quite a bit more of Karofsky. This issue has opened up a few things for Karofsky that I hope to see followed up on. There are great performances by both New Directions and the Dalton Academy Warblers. Their styles are so different, it’s always good to see a little of each. I think it was a great episode on all parts with most characters having some sort of real part of their own to play in the show. I’m still waiting to see something more grow between Kurt and Blaine other than just hanging out. *crosses fingers* I’m looking forward to upcoming issues, especially one that will revolve around Karofsky’s sexuality that I’ve seen rumored.

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