Geek + Gym = ??

I’ve been working on getting back to the gym lately. It seems like an alien concept to most of my geek and gaymer friends. I want to get in better shape. If you’ve seen the picture I have on my About page, you can see I need it. I’m also diabetic so hopefully it will help that too. I’d like to move more towards musclebear than just a flabby bear in general. One of my biggest inspirations for this has been the Paul, the Gay Comic Geek. He’s a great guy, has a great blog, and has an incredible body. I’d love to be in that good of shape but I don’t see that happening any time soon. For those who haven’t seen it, he’s also part of the YouTube channel A Gay Collab. If you haven’t checked out either of these, I think you should.

I also think I should get back on track here. OK. I’m gay. I’m a geek and a gaymer. I also like to hit the gym and want to try to get in better shape. It does seem like these last two cross paths all that much. I mean, sure, there was Jason Prager on that “Beauty and the Geek” should a few years back, but it seems like most geeks I know prefer to spend time playing with their electronics or gaming in one form or another (video games, CCGs, RPGs, etc.). It always seems like people are shocked when they find out that I’m hitting the gym. Sure, part of it could be because of my obvious desperate need for it, but I think a good part of it is because most geeks never make the time for athletics. Yes, this is stereotypical but some stereotypes are based in truth. I really don’t see most of my geek friends get out to play sports or hit the gym as much as they say they could use it whenever I mention that I am.

I think it would be cool to find more geeks who also like to work out and get away from the nerd side of their life for an hour or two here or there. True, that may be breaking some geek law or something, but if I could find a fellow geek who also liked to work out and take care of himself, it would be pretty hot and a big plus in my book. Just something I had rolling around in my head that I thought I’d post up for discussion since I just had a little extra time today and not time enough to hit up some of the stuff on my list.

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