Weekly Comic Review for 12/12/12

Happy holidays to those who celebrate them. Between holiday events, long work hours, and reloading my laptop yet again (I think it’s working right now!), I am really behind in posting. Time to get this up and them I’m off to bed.

Archer & Armstrong #5 – It’s Armstrong vs. his brother Gilad, the Eternal Warrior. While we watch Gilad chase after the duo, blaming them for the death of the most recent Geromancer, we get some flashbacks to when Armstrong and Gilad were guardian an earlier Geomancer in China. Since Gilad blames Armstrong for that death he really isn’t happy with Armstrong’s involvement this time. The duo needs to find the next Geomancer if they hope to survive the Eternal Warrior’s wrath. This is more than a light brotherly rivalry here.

Avengers Arena #1 – I’m not really sure what to make of this title. It’s a game of young super-hero Survivor run by Arcade. In this “game”, it’s all about the last surviving person and they are supposed to take each other out. There’s previously introduced characters, Mettle, Hazmat, Reptil, X-23, and Juston (tho I haven’t seen the Sentinel) from the Avengers Academy, Niko and Chase from the Runaways, and Darkhawk. (Darkhawk seems a little old for the group.) We have incarnations of previous characters: a female Red Raven, Bloodstone (a young boy this time), Kid Briton (a young alternate universe Captain Brittain), and Ryker (a Deathlok, transformed by her father who created them as revealed in issue #2). After that, there’s Nara (an Atlantean), Anachronism (a kid in the body of a Celtic warrior as actually revealed in issue #2), Cammi, and Apex (who I know nothing about). There’s no reason why these characters are picked or what’s going on. The first fatality happens when Mettle protects Hazmat and is killed by Arcade. All things given, this title seems like it would only have a limited run and a title created just to kill off characters is kinda lame.

Bloodshot #6 – With the help of his nanites, Blood shot takes down the freaks between him and the core. As he works his way in, Kara escapes her cage in Rising Spirit to help him. The problem is that what was supposed to be answers turns into even more questions.

Demon Knights #15 – Caught in the middle of a 3 way war, the knights work to escape to the world they knew from Avalon. Merlin is reborn as Adam from Stormwatch. He even calls the Demon Knights his Stormwatch. (We finally have the reference from this side now as well.) Sadly, the team breaks up and goes their own ways and the next issue is advertised as “30 years later”. I would have liked to have seen more of the characters as they were just getting interesting. I definitely wanted to know more about Al Jabr.

Green Lantern Corps #15 – Rise of the Third Army – We’re half way into the arc and not much had truly gone on except a lot of assimilation. Jon and Fatality have a moment while trying to figure out what’s going on with Mogo. Salaak spies on the Guardians but gets caught. Mostly, though, Guy just has a break down about not being a Green Lantern any more. (You gave up the ring, Guy, so quit whining.) He tries to go out and be a “hero” without his powers but just ends up on the wrong side of the law.

Legion Lost #15 – The battle with Daggor and his crew continues while the Legion, Ravagers, and Harvet’s crew all pick their allegiances on the “good guys” side. The first Legionnaire falls when Wildstar’s suit finally fails. (We all knew it was just a matter of time.)

Ravagers #7 – Another continuing battle for the Ravagers as they take on Rose and Warblade. A girl who can see the future shows Caitlin what will happen if they turn back to Harvest. Terra goes a bit to the dark size but still stays with the (good) Ravagers. Now, Caitlin knows what she needs to stop but she needs to find out how. Plus, it looks like Deathstroke may be getting involved.

Scarlet Spider #12 – After all the garbage of the past few issues, it’s nice to see title move back to what originally drew me in. After everything, Kaine is ready to leave the city and everyone behind but a robbery in his building which pulls everyone together reminds him of the family he has made there. It a fun issue with a some humor, some action, and some good character moments. I was thinking of dropping this but I may stick around after all.

Team 7 #3 – The Black Diamond Probability – The story continues with an appearance by Essence from Red Hood and the Outlaws though actually this would precede that title. The team fights their way through to the diamond with a group of mercenaries already ahead of them on the way to it. This is a situation that can only end badly… and does. Eclipso is back. Now if we could only get a little better characterization between all the fighing.

On top of the issues above, I also for the Marvel 2013 calendar and a preview comic showing some of the new titles coming up, including a new Young Avengers title. Along with returning members Wiccan, Hawkeye (Kate, not Clint), and Hulkling, a black girl is taking Patriot’s place (Ms. America) and Marvel Boy and Loki are joining. (Loki?!? Really?) Sadly, Speed isn’t mentioned as coming back and neither is Vision/Iron Lad. Hopefully it will still be a good title. It’ll be nice to see regular doses of Billy and Teddy at least.

On to the top 3 of the week. I’m going to have to go with Archer & Armstrong, Demon Knights, and Scarlet Spider. Overall, it was a fairly average week but those title at least had something of a draw to them. I’d put Scarlet Spider at the top of the pile.

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