Constructing the World of Minecraft

It’s one of the recent addicting games out there. If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, you’re missing out. The game has the feel of an old 8-bit game with a 3D look. It’s a fun world that allows you to mine materials from trees, dirt, rock, and even hardened lava. You can also get stuff from killing animals in the area like cows and pigs or from taking the wool from sheep. (I never knew you could get the wool just from punching a sheep before.) One thing you have to watch out for are the spiders, skeleton archers, zombies, and other creatures that come out at night. (Don’t worry. In single mode, you can set it to “Peaceful” to avoid the monsters.) What do you do with all these materials you mind? You build whatever you want out of them. I made a castle out some of mine.

You can make all sorts of interesting things in this world, all depending on what you can imagine. (And depending on the the relative physics of the items you work with.) Not only is there a base game but there is a server version you can install if you have access to your own server and shell account. The popularity of this option has lead to businesses popping up selling server access so that people can run their own Minecraft servers. With these server versions, you can add your own plugins and such to modify the world even more. The game is still in beta so check it out now while the price is low.

Click here to see more on this from me and see more screen shots I took from the game.

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