A Few Changes Are on the Way

Hi, all. Not much to say right now. I’ll be getting the comic review up soon but I wanted to make a brief post. There will be a couple changes happening with the site. The first has already happened. I’ve actually gotten the domain GeekOAT.Com which will also redirect to this site. It’s a lot easier to type for those who don’t feel like typing out Geek-of-all-Trades.Com and it also matches the name I use on GMail, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other places. (Yes, I know shortening it all down would be even easier but (1) I an NOT going to refer to this site as “GOAT.Com” and (2) it’s probably already taken tho I refuse to look to see if it is for fear of what it might be.)

The other change will be a redesign of the site’s look. When I first made the site, it was just for fun to play around with WordPress for my job. I tossed together a simple look that was decent just to have something there. As time went on, I really started enjoying doing the site and putting more into it. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right so I want the site to look good, not just “decent”. I’m also going to be moving the site to a new server so I’ll be setting up the new look there and testing it out before I move it. So, keep your eyes out for a new look once I get the time to really pull it together. Hopefully everyone will like it.

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