Last year around this time, I was asked if there were going to be any gay panels for Phoenix ComiCon. I reached out to the staff and discovered that there were not any planned at that time. I was told to check back later and we could look into something for the next con. Last fall, I reached out again and started a discussion about topic. We’re now just over a month away from the con and I have some news. On the schedule is listed “Gay Characters in Mainstream Comics”. I’m really happy I was able to get this on the schedule. They don’t have a day or time listed on the site yet but I will make sure I let people know as soon as I have more. I should be getting an update since… and this is the part that really makes me nervous… I have been invited to sit on the panel. Obviously, I accepted. I’m really looking forward to this. I hope they are able to get some good people in the comic field to sit on the panel and address some questions about how they get gay characters included in comics, how writing storylines for them differ from straight characters, and what type of responses they get from the public about these characters and storylines.

On top of that, among the actors who will be at the con is the extremely handsome gay actor, John Barrowman, known for playing Captain Jack Harkness on BBC’s Doctor Who and Torchwood. I’m still waiting to hear what the process is for setting up interviews. I’d love to get some time to interview John and also geek hero Wil Wheaton who will also be there.

Make sure you get your tickets for the event. Phoenix ComiCon has been improving every year so I’m really looking forward to seeing what will be going on there this year. (I’ll be working to pull off some cosplay this year too on one of the days I won’t be on the panel.